Monday, September 14, 2009

Word of the Day

The word of the day is:


(Blogger gave me grief over that one. Apparently it's not a word. I'm going to ignore them on this one.)



being unable to find the cut when your child is covered in blood!

I heard a scream from the backyard followed by Esther crying and Heidi yelling, "Mom! Esther has blood!"

She fell off the hoppity ball. Cursed balls.

Her hands and shirt were covered in blood so I immediately started checking her mouth. I felt really panicky for the first minute but I know I was calm on the outside. After that, it was easy to think clearly and work my way through things.

It wasn't till I turned her around that I found the cut - on the back of her head.

Stupid head wounds. So much blood for such a tiny little cut.

She's all cleaned up now and feeling fine. I gave her some Tylenol as a preventative measure. That could be a nasty headache! I'm watchful, keeping in mind the possibility of a concussion.

She sure gave me a scare, but I think we'll be just fine now.

(And this little voice in my head is reminding me of a conversation with Eric this Saturday...something about hoppity balls and the patio...Eric warning they'd fall and hit their heads on the concrete...and me insisting they could jump on the's only been unpacked since Saturday...he is seriously ALWAYS right! I won't even mind if he says "I told you so". I'm just glad she's okay and doesn't need stitches.)


  1. Tiff said...

    We haven't had any of those incendents yet as parents. *knock on wood*

    My word of the day, in that situation, would probably have to be censored....
    Abby Hanson said...
    Haaahhhaa! Tiff you crack me up.

    Yeah...anyone who thinks girls aren't as crazy and rowdy as boys just needs to spend some time with my girls.

    Heidi & Esther have gone in for stitches once each in the last year and a half. I'm dreading when they start growth spurts and become prone to breaking bones...
    Lisa said...
    I have one of those husbands who always ends up being right, too. Dang it. It's so hard to nag when he ends up being right.

    I hope she's feeling better! I probably would've lost my cool, so congrats on that ;)
    katyn said...
    Sean is just like Eric in that respect. I swear the man has some kind of telekenetic power. Every time he warns me that something will happen, it does. I hate it.
    Heidi said...
    It cracks me up when people say, "Boys are like this," or "Girls are like this," since we have boys and girls and we've discovered there are NO gender specific behaviors. The craziness applies equally to boys and girls. :)

    Or maybe that's just my kids. But I suspect not...

    I'm glad no stitches were required!
    raehink said...
    Ivan is right 98% of the time. It maddens me. But I milk that other 2% for all it's worth :)

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