Sunday, September 13, 2009

Before church

If I want a good picture on Sunday, it HAS to be done before church. I always hear people talking about how quickly boys change out of their Sunday clothes after church but girls are no different! And their hair (at least my girls' hair) is always completely undone by that point.

These were taken last Sunday. More to come tomorrow. (I made a headband for Becca and if it looks good I'll put those pictures up.)

Um, yeah...the clip wasn't really doin' it for me. I think Becca agreed. "Mom, shouldn't you wait till I have more hair??"

Heidi wasn't interested in posing. She looked just as cute as her sisters though. :D

Last week when Eric picked Esther up from nursery, her leader told us how much she loves having Esther in class. She said Esther "has the personality of 10 kids". Sounds about right. She's spunky. She's a ham. She loves people. She loves to laugh. She just loves life and is overflowing in her excitement about it.


  1. Rae said...
    Oh, I just want to grab them and give them a huge hug-squeeze!!
    raehink said...
    Florabunda has been passed on to the next generation, obviously :)

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