Thursday, January 24, 2013


I was "re"-realizing today that there are NO pictures of Amy on the blog yet. I blame that on the ease of posting to Facebook and that FB does not make me feel I should say anything profound, funny, or coherent...

Amy is 7 months old TODAY, actually. I was lying on the floor working and when I got up, she took advantage of my momentary absence to take over my work. She thought she was pretty funny. So did I, really.

As we were walking home from school today I felt so happy as I watched my girls walking ahead of me. My own bevy of beautiful girls, as my dad used to call my sisters and me.

And we've finally branched into solid foods. We're both taking it a bit slow and a bit reluctantly but she's still growing like a weed and I'm sure eventually we'll both begin to prefer the routine of solids. :) Until then, we love all the nursing sessions. It's over so fast anyway, relatively speaking. I'm glad she's in no hurry to move on just yet.