Monday, January 31, 2011

We've completely switched to Macs in the last year. I'm so in love. When Rae visited, I showed her the glory that is PHOTO BOOTH. Behold...

Rae & I think this one looks like Rachel Dratch (you know, from Saturday Night Live).

Cousin It...

Mad Madam Mim
(from The Sword in the Stone)

I look like a cousin of Linguini, from Ratatouille!

At that, my friends, sums up the kinds of things that Rae & I do when we get together. Completely inane and yet, hilarious fun!

We were gifted another playhouse and the girls were so excited. Autumn kept talking about how she can't even stand up in the little one anymore. My not so little girl...

The original plan was to take down the smaller house and give it away, but when the new house arrived, we couldn't resist.