Thursday, September 24, 2009

Remember how George Banks can't buy just one bag of hot dog buns because it doesn't match up with the hot dogs he's buying?

Here's another conundrum.

Why is that felt pads for chairs and tables do not come in SQUARES?
Does everyone but me buy circle shaped legs on all their furniture?
Or does everyone but me realize they should cut them BEFORE they put them on the legs so they don't catch everything from hair to food and inbetween on the exposed sticky parts? found me cutting away. First with a box knife. Seemed nothing else would be sharp enough.

I wouldn't recommend it.

I am a little bit dangerous with knives and scissors.
In my defense, I don't mean to be!
Or, well, I think I'm being safe until I get cut...


  1. Wendi said...
    Doh. I am not very good with sharp objects either.
    Rae said...
    You, who gestures with the knife as you talk....;D
    Jean said...
    That is quite the conundrum. It's the Big Hot Dog and Big Bun industries all over again. :-)
    Trishelle said...
    Youch! And those kind of cuts sting! I love that scene from "Father of the Bride!"

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