Monday, August 30, 2010

Autumn & Heidi have been begging to take out their instruments and do a "concert" since Autumn brought home her cello Saturday (and they did play for a little that day). Tonight when we had finally completed all the other "necessaries", I told them they could play with Esther when she played Pop Goes the Weasel. She hadn't practiced yet today and I wanted to get in at least a few minutes!

So Esther plays Pop Goes the Weasel with a clip her teacher emailed us. Something like two or three violins. Anyway, it starts and suddenly I realize that Autumn can pluck along with the lower part, just plucking her middle two strings, alternating. And that Heidi can play on the first of those two notes. And so we did a trio of Pop Goes the Weasel. On violin, cello, and guitar! But the violin playing the actual melody was recorded, because Esther just plays "pop" and I realized....I could play it on my flute. Talk about a strange quartet. Violin, cello, guitar, and flute. And they loved it! And of course I loved it! We only lasted about 10 minutes trying to do it a few times and have everyone ready at the same time, but it sure was fun. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I just got interrupted by Autumn who informed me that the bathroom door is locked and smells like nail polish remover. And here I thought even the younger two were happily (and safely) occupied before I sat down to write a letter .

I walked into the bathroom and found Esther with minimal amounts of nail polish on her skin and clothes. Becca, on the other hand,

was standing stark naked in the tub. Covered in pink nail polish. Cheeks, forehead, shoulders, chest, bellybutton, turn around, butt cheeks, and yes, even a little between the legs.

I did not keep my cool.

And the aftermath?

It's too much to ask of a 17 month old to sit still for the kind of scrubbing it takes to get that stuff off. And from the few spots we did work on, I'm thinking it would also take over 5 bottles to clean it up. And the 4-year old? Well, she doesn't have much on her anyway, and I'm inclined to just leave her alone because I still can't speak civilly to her. I find myself wishing she'd be embarrassed to be seen in public, as some sort of punishment, but who am I kidding? She's four. She doesn't care! All the same, I'm in no rush to clean her up. And it's not hurting her, so the girls will be walking around looking "pretty in pink" until it decides to peel off.

And we're taking Autumn to soccer tonight. Lovely.

And this next bit will sound like a tangent, but it's not. Heidi has moved into a new stage this last month. She is as feisty as ever, but more helpful and obedient.

Are you laughing?

I would be too if I weren't too busy having a pity party for one.

Guess it would be just too good to be true for all of the kids to be in manageable stages at the same time.

Excuse me while I go shower...yep, haven't done that yet today either!
And oh, I left out the best part...Esther cut her hair on Monday.

First day with the scissors out for an extended period of time. Somehow she Houdini's a pair. And that oh, so cute haircut Amanda gave her last week, yes, the last of the corrections, and the beginnings of hey, this looks like an actual style! are now gone. And it's the bangs. Again. Those bangs that make it so impossible to hide the fact that yes, my child has cut her own hair.

Please know, that if you ask me why don't you keep the scissors somewhere she can't get them or how did she get those away from you and you didn't notice or why did you leave her alone long enough for that to happen, be forewarned -- if you were right in front of me, I would LAUGH in your face. And then I would refer you to one of my many friends with many kids who is in a better mood than I am at the moment.

Come back tomorrow though.

I promise I'll have positive things to say.

Just not about this.