Monday, September 21, 2009

I promise that life is good! Today had many good parts. But I am sick with a nasty cold and my kids are not.

At times like these, and because I have all girls, I find it relieving, amusing, and appropriate to walk around saying, "Kill, kill, kill!"

Or "Little girls, little girls, look at what I'm dripping with..."

And my girls smile and reply, "We love you Miss Hannigan!"

And then I smile and move on with my day. Thank you Carol. What would we do without you?

(I love Carol Burnett. Did anyone else see the newer version of Annie? It just didn't even hold a candle to the old one.
And I love watching the old Carol Burnett shows. Just classic.)


  1. Rae said...
    I love your knack for injecting humor into your more-chaotic days. :)
    katyn said...
    On days like that, I must get a certain look in my eyes because my kids take one glance at me and disappear. I'm guessing its a cross between psychotic and desperate.
    Headle said...
    I love that your girls reply to you! That is so funny!!

    I agree, the new Annie doesn't even come close to the classic Annie!!

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