Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The "Game"

Autumn helped me go through my coupons this week to get rid of the expired ones. There was a running commentary of:
"You really like Shout, don't you?"
"Oh! These are good ones."
"Glade is good, isn't it?"
"Oh Mom, I like these ones."

And for the past few days, each time I print a coupon she says, "You really like coupons don't you Mom?"

So I am officially a coupon nerd, or whatever they call it. It's always been the little things in life that make me happy and couponing is no different. A few cents here and there really add up as you go along.

I know it's going to be a good month.
I keep smiling every time I think about how:

  • I paid 0.76/box of Mini-Wheats, Cinnamon Struesel, regular, strawberry, blueberry, chocolate (and bought 20 of them for a total of $15.20)
  • I am sending in for a Kellogg's rebate of $10 on the above Mini-Wheats which means I actually only paid $5.20 for TWENTY boxes of cereal! (As long as I use the rebate on things we regularly buy :)) That works out to 0.26 per box. And it comes with a $70 Dell Coupon Code. I think I'm going to be getting a new printer/scanner!
  • I paid $5.49/pack of HUGGIES diapers that are usually $9.99/pack.
  • I finally buckled down and bought a few months worth of diapers at that low of a price.
  • I paid NOTHING for four rolls of Scott paper towels! I hate how things like paper towels and toilet paper add so much to my budget...and while I realize I could do without the paper towels, I love having them and love it even more when I can get them for FREE!

I'm discovering I love sales and I love seeing how far I can stretch my grocery budget when I match up coupons to sales or match manufacturer's coupons with store coupons!

So what kind of things are you nerdy about?


  1. Lisa said...
    I have a friend that's coupon crazy as well. She uses CouponMom.com and loves it.
    Rae said...
    I am nerdy about paper. You know this. :)
    Heidi said...
    The fact that my shower curtain is a map of the world and I've been known to quiz my children about their geography when they emerge from the loo probably sums up my very homeschool nerdy self. Though I'm sure I'm nerdy in many, many other ways.

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