Sunday, September 13, 2009

My babies...or not

My girls are no longer babies, toddlers, or even just "little girls". Look at my GIRLS! Two in particular! Hard to believe my oldest will be eight in a few weeks and my second will be six!

(sorry about the poor picture quality...the convenience of camera phones is, well, convenient...but not very "high tech")


  1. Lisa said...
    I can't believe Autumn's almost 8! When did she grow up so much???!?!
    Jean said...
    I cannot believe how old they are!!! That is just crazy. (And I LOVE those cute church pictures in your other post, and those goofy pictures of Esther!!)
    Rae said...
    Holy cow. I read "eight in two weeks" and my heart did this weird little skip-jump. I just don't believe it. "I don't believe you."

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