Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Maddie asked Autumn if she missed her dad. Autumn told her, "Yeah. I love when he tickles me and when he sings. I just love his voice."

During scriptures & prayer last night, we read a scripture about how parents shouldn't let their children fight & quarrel but should teach them to love one another and serve one another. I commented that I didn't they knew what "serve" meant. So Mom asked Heidi, "Heidi, how can you serve Autumn?" And Heidi said, quite seriously, "With a spoon." :-)

Monday, July 16, 2007


Autumn watching an EFY group entering the Wilkinson Center for dinner...
"Why are some of them wearing blue shirts and others white?"
"Well, the ones in the blue shirts are in charge and the others have to do what they say."
"Oh! And they're playing follow the leader. To go to school."
4 June '07

Autumn & Grandma were talking about how Autumn was feeling and after they finished, she put her hand over her heart and said - very concerned, "It's not beating."
July '07

Heidi came to me a bit hysterical and got out:
"Mama two ants are on my fingers and they're BITING me. They think I'm food but I'm NOOOT.
11 June '07

As I was rocking Heidi and Esther, Heidi said (and she was entirely serious):
"Mama look what Autumn's doing. She's going back and forth."
15 June '07

Heidi says to me with her eyes as wide open as she can get them:
"Mom look at my eyes. My eyes are surprised."
16 June '07

As I was singing to Heidi tonight, she interrupted me often. At one point she said very quietly, "I'm all alone in here." (Autumn was doing something else with Aunt Maddie)
There was a pause and then she said in an equally quiet voice but very anxiously, "Autumn is getting into my stuff!"
16 July '07

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The girls LOVE grandma's wagon! (even Heidi...despite that expression in the first picture...)

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We discovered this week that Suzie Q has a brother. We think maybe we'll call him SUNNY LOU. Any other name ideas? My mom would love to own one of these.

"Sunny Lou"


Autumn named this one. Check out the Japanese license plate!
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Here we are in Japan, and there is a FRENCH bakery! Chateraise has french pastries, as expected, but their ice-creams are definitely Japanese.
The Japanese have some strange flavors of ice cream (cinnamon, fish, wasabi, etc...). However, they also have some really yummy ice cream flavors.

This adorable little container had PEACH flavored ice cream in it.

And this one had HONEYDEW flavored ice cream in it.

I love the size of these containers. Autumn & Heidi have each saved one and are using them to put small toys in. I want to save one for myself - I think it'd be fun to use for my EARRINGS!
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We had a great Fourth of July celebrating our nation's independence despite being in a different country. Camp Zama, the army base my parents live at, had activities for the family throughout the day and the girls enjoyed jumping in inflatable thingies (what are those called?), getting their faces painted, playing in water, eating hamburgers, and going for a canoe ride with Grandma & Grandpa. At the end of our day, the Army band did a concert and ended with the 1812 Overture. At the end of the song when the cannons typically go off -- the fireworks started. It was a great show too! The girls loved the different colors, shapes, and noises.

I took several pictures of the fireworks, but only this one - one of the first - turned out right.

We watched the fireworks while the hill behind created a natural chair to lean on. Here's Esther in my lap. She was mesmerized.

Autumn in Grandma's lap

Heidi in Grandpa's lap
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Friday, July 6, 2007

Sushi Go-Round, Here we come!

We went to a sushi go-round for Family Home Evening on Monday night. Wow! I was really excited for the experience but a little nervous.
I was so surprised that raw fish tastes so good! In fact, most of what I had was better than the cooked stuff. Why did we ever start cooking fish? Anyone know?
This is salmon - completely raw - with wasabi sauce on top (which tastes a lot like horseradish). I think it's my second favorite so far.


More salmon, but this time lightly braised. Still not fully cooked. This one is my favorite so far.

The sushi-roll on the bottom is filled with cucumber. The top one has crab meat - the one exception to my new discovery that raw fish is better than cooked - I like cooked crab meat better than raw. Or I did on Monday. I could get used to it. :)


Autumn eating octopus! She liked it!

Esther eating a sushi-roll! I tried to take some video clips of this but my battery died. She was doing her signature "yummy dance" and leaning in for more every time we took it away!!

The sushi chef was grinning from ear to ear. He thought it was so cool that a gaijin (pronounced "guy-jean"...means "foreigner") mother was feeding sushi to her gaijin baby with chopsticks and the baby was loving it. We'll go back again before we leave and I'll bring extra batteries.

And who would've thought a sushi-bar would serve CHEESECAKE of all things?! I should've kept it wrapped in the cheesecloth for the picture...but this cheesecake is SO good! And it has raspberry filling. What a treat!

This is where the food passed by for us to grab whatever looked good. We sat at a booth, although they also had a bar/counter you could sit at. That's what most people think of since that's what's portrayed in the movies.

Heidi trying out the chopsticks. She sat between Grandma & Grandpa and ate several sushi rolls! (along with some french fries...)

Boy, I really hope we can find a good sushi restaurant in Tallahassee! To anyone feeling curious or brave -- TRY IT! Mmmm....yummy.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

We walked outside to fly our kites and it started pouring rain! (rain...what else would it pour? not sure why I felt the need to clarify...). We decided to play in the rain instead. And as you can see, Grandma has HUGE umbrellas -- so much fun for the girls.

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And here I thought we were going to see new things in Japan. :) Heh heh. Looks pretty cool with the Japanese characters below those familiar arches though.

Well, this is definitely new. I've never seen a MEGA TERIYAKI BURGER for sale in the States.
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Another example of the product of great minds finding new ways to do things. The Japanese people hang their clothes out to dry from their balconies. These are hanger-type contraptions that have clips all along them. Say goodbye to clothespins and hello to more room to dry in even less space.
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Japan & Europe have a few things in common. Here's one - teeny cars! This car is called The Deluxe...figure that one out. Autumn is 42" tall and look at how she compares. This could be her first car!

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