Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Miss B

Becca's had a stomach bug the last couple of days. She also naps in very strange positions. I love it. After two nights with little sleep and not feeling well, I guess she didn't care where that nap happened, she just knew it had to happen!

She's feeling so much better today after my friend came over with some essential oils to rub on her belly and feet. She hasn't thrown up since and within an hour the color was returning to her face, she actually wanted to eat, and she sounded much chipper. This is my first time using essential oils and I am super excited. Totally sold.

Desert Skies

This was my view Sunday night on the way to Holly and Jasper's for dinner. I am loving these desert skies, colors, and winds! So different, dramatic, and beautiful!
Also, I just added the Blogger app to my phone and hoping to post more regularly because of it! If you have me on Facebook too there'll be lots of repeats because I'll share to both but at least this way my blog will actually content when I'm ready to print it out someday!!