Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Girls are Growing Up!

Look at that little bum in the air! (And don't worry, those are old stains...although the whole sleeping position makes you think otherwise!)

If my girls made a "top five" for their favorite things to do, this one would be on it. They love making beds. Everywhere. All the time.

Sunday morning, before church

Sunday, after church!
My little girl is not so little anymore!!!
Autumn has been wiggling a loose tooth all day today
and yesterday and it came out this afternoon.
She was so excited. She can't wait to add a tooth to the "Tooth Club Door" at school.


  1. Leah Marie said...
    Is that like a door that glue teeth to? I'm not gonna lie, thats a bit creepy. ;-)
    Abby Hanson said...
    Leah -- oops! That does sound creepy. It IS a door, but they just tape up PAPER CUT-OUTS of teeth. :) Not so creepy right?
    Nicki said...
    cute girls!! Love the before and after pics!!
    Anna said...
    Are you serious!??!!? Autumn lost a tooth already? Where are my cute little neices? Well they, of course, are still cute and there, but they are becoming not so little anymore. Man I miss being around you all.

    P.S. Your toe nails look beautiful. And I think those party favors are great. Sounds like you had fun.
    Jean said...
    Awww, so cute! The girls look SO much older!!

    (I made beds everywhere in my house when I was little too. I don't know, there's something really fun about cuddling with a blanket and pillow in a totally random location...)
    Rachel said...
    Beautiful. I'm looking at flights to Florida right now.

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