Monday, April 7, 2008

This past week was Spring Break for Autumn. It was so much fun to have her home with us!

I only wish Eric's spring break had lined up with Autumn's. :(
Next year. :)

On Friday the girls and I went with my friend Kristi and her girls to the beach!

Esther was obsessed with the water and the birds.
Here she is in the water, reaching for the birds.

Esther, freezing, but unwilling to leave the water.
It was really a beautiful day and not cold,
but she's so little and just didn't want to leave the water.
I had to enforce breaks for her!

When we arrived, the red flag was up
meaning they didn't recommend we go in the water due to rip tides.
We were sad to think the girls wouldn't get to play in the water, but then delighted to discover the waves had created a tide pool ankle deep
(our depth rule even at the shoreline)
and separated from the shore by a sandbank!

I didn't want the responsibility of three girls AND Eric's expensive camera at the beach,
so I brought along my little "point and shoot" camera.
I couldn't even see my LCD screen and was unsure of how these pictures would turn out.

I think I did pretty good for a dinky $100 camera, don't you?! I really like this picture!

Heidi spent the entire time collecting seashells, or "sheashells" as she kept saying.

And of course, what would be a trip to the beach without at least one toe dip in the waves?
We made sure the girls got to feel the waves lapping up against them before we left.

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  1. Anna said...
    Looks like a blast. All of the girls look so cute in their bathing suits.

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