Friday, March 14, 2008

Out Walking

These are along my walking route and always make me smile. Very big.

I find myself thinking about
Tia Dalma
Old Lady Hackmore
Madame Zeroni
when I walk by here.


  1. Anna said...
    Those are hilarious! It really is amazing what you find when you go out walking. There is a lot around here as well, but I think yours is better.
    Rachel said...
    Just your description alone has me rolling: "Plastic chimes in places they'll never chime." HAHHAHAH Oh man, that's awesome....

    You should go find one of the churches with really long names (not including ours, of course).

    Leah Marie said...
    That yard is totally one of my happy spots too! I always think it looks like something from Alice in Wonderland. Yay for the walking route!
    Lisa said...
    Man, I love catch phrases on church billboards. At least you can tell that they're trying to be creative :)

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