Monday, March 24, 2008

Heidi & Autumn said...

Today Heidi found a caterpillar. I let her keep it and these are some of the things I overheard while Heidi & Autumn were playing with the caterpillar.

H: I have a pet now. I need to give it a name.
A: How about Shenny?
H: No. I need to pick the name.
A: Okay. Remember how we named it Shenny at the playground?
H: Oh. Yeah. Its name is Shenny.
A: Shenny. Like Jenny but with a "sh". Isn't that pretty?

A: Don't squeeze it.
H: It will get resurrected.

I was very impressed when before going to bed, Heidi decided to let Shenny go. She wanted to let her go because Shenny was scared of people. Now she wants to look for a bug that won't be scared of people. She even cried while getting into bed because she missed Shenny already.


  1. Anna said...
    What a sweet girl. I hope see finds a new pet. :)
    Anna said...
    oops, I meant to say she.
    Wendi said...
    I love the "It will get resurrected" comment! Shannon's been going through this stage of being fascinated and simultaneously frightened by death. We've explained things to her and every now and then she pops out with a comment like that one. Its so fun seeing a child's interpretation of the things that we teach them.
    Headle said...
    That is so sweet!! Its amazing how our kids find joy in the littlest things!

    What beautiful girls and what incredible parents teaching them ALL the RIGHT things!!

    Oh! And I love the Jenny with a "sh". SO cute!!
    Emily said...
    my favorite part of this is "isn't that pretty?" your girls are adorable!
    Rachel said...
    AHAHAHAHAHAHAH....oh, that's hilarious. That's so awesome.
    Lisa said...
    Ha that's great--justifying murder with resurrection :) Your girls are hilarious!

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