Friday, February 25, 2011

Things of yester-year

Oh, the fond memories I have of Pizza Hut's Book-It program and TCBY's DEAR program. In a family of seven kids, it was a special treat to be driven to Pizza Hut and be able to get my very own pizza that I didn't even have to share. (Nevermind the fact that it really wasn't a shareable was more the fact that Mom actually said, "Now you guys, this is HERS. She earned it.")

Fast forward to now...I don't think TCBY does a program any longer. They're not near as big of a name as they used to be.

But, Pizza Hut, oh my wonderful Pizza Hut. The girls are in their second year of being signed up for the Book-It Homeschool program.

And it's the perfect dinner for tonight because Eric has rehearsal till late. Looks like it's time for the girls to have a movie night in. What should we watch? I'm giddy with the knowledge that my older two are now reaching ages that they adore movies which up until now, I have watched on my own. Sometimes I like to indulge in silly teeny-boppyerness or chick flicks. One of the best bonuses to having all girls? I know have someone to watch said movies with me. And the babies join in the fun because it's always more fun to be included even if you don't understand half the movie (and of course I always pick the innocent, clean, goofy ones!).

Pizza Movie Night, Here we come!!

(And for now, I will just set aside all the many wonderful things I am learning about eating REAL FOODS and just know that I'm slowly making changes in our family's diet and that tonight, this is OKAY!)


  1. Lisa said...
    How cool that they still do that! I totally remember that as a kid, although I'm not sure I was ever diligent enough to do all of the reading necessary :)
    Wendi said...
    I loved book it as a kid! I didn't know they still did it! That was the only time as a kid that we ever got pizza hut pizza. Ah the memories!
    Rae said...
    Miss you. Achy-like.
    Qait said...
    I LOVED BOOK-IT!!! And my school did their own thing with DEAR!
    Aw, Abby, that's yet another thing for me to love about having a girl. Chick-flicks, you bet.
    I'd totally watch the teenybopper ones with you, too.
    I even watch the Barbie movies sometimes. (And not ALWAYS to make fun of them...)
    We're having pizza for dinner tonight, too! And we just might watch a movie... :D
    I miss you, and I love you. Wish I could crash with you guys and watch whatever you're watching.

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