Thursday, February 3, 2011

Code Names

I've really enjoyed seeing the different code names friends have come up for their family on their blogs. I haven't felt any desire/need to do that myself, but I've often asked myself what names we would use if we did do code names. For some reason, I just couldn't come up with anything and it bothered me. But recently it's become obvious.

So, I'm still not planning to use code names, but if I do I'll have plenty of fodder and the girls love the idea of having nicknames. One in particular has even asked that we call her by her current obsession's name....


This one comes as no surprise after two years in a row of dressing up as Hermione Granger for Halloween.
It's a little dark, but there's a Hermione wall sticker on her cabinet.

Hello Kitty
She was ecstatic to realize they share the same initials. A match made in heaven.

What little girl doesn't love this little green fairy?
Esther got to meet her for the first time recently and I did a little inner "happy squeal" when Tink said to the boy in front of us, "Oh, don't you want to say hi -- boy?"

and, well, this one's still up in the air...

What do you think?

As I was telling the girls about their friend's code names and the names we could use if we wanted, the conversation took an interesting turn...
Me: "And Daddy would be Mr. Incredible."
Girls: "Yeah!"
Me: "And I would be Elasti-Girl."
Autumn: "But you're not skinny enough!"


I had a good laugh over that one. And I was relieved to discover she wasn't calling me fat. :D She meant I can't stretch like that. But then, who can?!


  1. Christine said...
    You got me thinking about what "code names" I would use for my family. I'll have to think about it and do a post on it. So have you decided what your code name will be?
    Qait said...
    That's fun to think about!
    I couldn't stand doing it regularly, though. :)
    I'm trying to be quick because I'm pretending I don't hear Ender waking up...
    Trishelle said...
    I love those names!! Very appropriate and chosen! We sure love those sweet faces!

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