Monday, February 14, 2011

It's such a fuzzy picture (and a messy background!), but I had to save it.

Me blow-drying Heidi's hair, and Heidi brushing Becca's hair. I love it!


  1. Mandi said...
    I love it! You are such a fun family! Naomi would also love to have a little sister's hair to brush. Maybe we could borrow yours sometime?

    Also, Naomi fasts for two meals and I'm consistently impressed with it.
    Abby said...
    Aw, thanks Mandi! Two meals! That IS impressive. Does she do the whole 24 hours, or just two meals?
    Rae said...
    Oh, this brings back some good memories!
    Qait said...
    :) I love it, too.
    I'm SOOOOOOO excited to have a girl!!!! YAY!!!! HAIR!!!!!
    Jean said...
    Hahahaha... awesome!

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