Saturday, February 5, 2011

Esther and Becca are partners in crime. Esther kept telling me she was hungry and I kept stalling for time. I finally turned around to see the two of them sitting on the couch holding THIS:

It looks like a mouse has been to visit.

In other news, the girls broke the crib. Casualties of war, I tell ya. Casualties of war. Kids are so hard on houses and furniture. I'm glad it's just stuff. I'm also glad they'll outgrow this. And although it may sound like we have no house rules, I'm glad to know that we DO and for the most part, they hold to them...

Autumn came running to break the news and here's what I figure happened after investigating.
Esther & Becca were jumping in the crib -- not something we condone, but not unusual -- and a screw started to come loose. Autumn tried to "fix" it. The jury's still out on who inflicted more damage. In any case, the crib is not salvageable. Impressive, really.

That also means that Becca is now in a big girl bed. A few months ahead of schedule, but we're finding ways to make it work. Nap time is the trickiest. With all four girls in one room, and a bunk bed, we had to get creative to keep things out of her reach when she's "sleeping" (and keep her safe).

Here's what I came up with.

Having the textbook wedged in the middle there keeps her from being able to stretch the sheet enough to get a foothold on the bar. It works like a charm.


  1. Heidi said...
    Oh, Abby... I'm glad I'm not alone in these adventures in parenting. I found a stick of butter that looks like your cheese block. Bleck! And it was, of course, from my dairy allergic toddler.
    Christine said...
    Our cheese often looks like that as well...sometimes the cheese sticks are chewed through the wrapper. I'm impressed you have all the girls in the same room, we're just now figuring out how to make two share a room.
    Qait said...
    Abby, you're BRILLIANT. I love seeing the way you use your gifts of creativity and resourcefulness! :D
    Rae said...
    Abby, I am so impressed! What a genius way to keep Becca from climbing that ladder.

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