Sunday, February 20, 2011

One of the many strange positions my kids find to sleep in...

That's my shirt on her head.

It's near impossible to get Becca to stay in one outfit these days.

She likes to wear everyone else's clothes.

Can't say I blame her. I think she improves them. :D

Becca doesn't look very happy, but the camera just caught a weird expression. She was so delighted with this game.

The King Arthur Carousel. Always fun.

She loves that they've added handles to the bars.

Becca has also been saying "help it" when she needs something lately. Instead of "help me". Today it was "I need help it." She couldn't reach her bowl of noodles.


  1. Lisa said...
    She is so stinking cute! I love those pictures with your shirt on her head. :)
    Qait said...
    :) "help it!" I love it.
    Reminds me: Ender calls the movie UP "Uppen," and I have no idea why. :D
    Rae said...
    The boys were squealing over Becca's cuteness! So am I....

    The word verification is, get ready for this: DEPOOD.

    As in, what, "I depood the cat box"? or "I depood my children and got them into the tub"?

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