Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My three-year old is now the only kid in the house with a full set of teeth!!

Becca has two bottom teeth and a top tooth just broke the gums two days ago. I can see three very distinct bumps on the top too, so she'll have all four top teeth in no time at all. That explains some of the crankiness I've been seeing!

Autumn is missing a top middle tooth (as of a month ago?).

And last but not least...

Heidi lost her first tooth this morning! She came in and said it came out during the night. We thought she must've swallowed it, but she found it in her bed later. She's so excited.

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  1. Lisa said...
    Yay! Wow, I can't imagine when Jonathan will lose his teeth, but I'm sure it just comes to quickly. We're just trying to get them all in finally!

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