Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Becca decided today that if I'm giving her water, she wants a cup. Not a bottle. Not a sippy. A cup. That'll make the transition easier for me :) but what about the simple, "here, drink this" when they're old enough to do it on their own? She must know, inherently, that as the youngest of four she'll be vying for my attention. In that case, of course a cup would be the most logical choice. :D

Esther prefers water over juice. If I forget at the dinner table on a juice night, she is quick to remind me! After having a sister (you know who you are dearie!) who drank juice almost more than she ate food, and a daughter who must take after her aunt, I thought all kids preferred juice to water. She is also our resident vegetarian.

The girls are playing in their room and Esther wants to know "who" she is. Autumn is "Susan", Heidi is "Lucy". Esther is happy that she gets to be Edmund and comes running out to tell me. And then she asks who Becca is. I guess Becca will have to settle being "Peter". (They're not playing Narnia though...just using the names...) I think they're still a little young to enjoy Little Women but it sure would make it easier for them to have gender-appropriate names. Not that they care. Not today anyway!


  1. Rae said...
    Oh, Q and her juice fixation. It lasted years.

    I love that they were using the Narnia names. I love that Esther loves water. And I love that Becca is so brilliant. :)
    Lisa said...
    So Becca's the fearless swordsman? Wow :)

    Jonathan wouldn't use a sippy cup at first. Only cups. It's nice that he can drink from a cup, but now I usually give him a sippy :)
    Tarena said...
    My kids don't care for juice much at all. Catherine will drink apple juice and Megan won't drink it at all and neither will Jonah. But they all love soda (the little that they get).

    Go figure.
    Qait said...
    And I liked it WARM.

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