Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I start to think someone is plotting against me when I hear the same ice-cream truck melodies for 10 minutes straight every night.

Or is it just California?

A neighbor and church friend one street over says there are THREE ice cream trucks that frequent our neighborhood.

And while we're on the subject of anomalies to California...

I had no idea DONUTS (or doughnuts, if you prefer) were SO popular here. We can find a donut shop every few blocks.


There's Winchell's (which we happen to love), Christy's, Donut King, Crown Donuts, Master Fresh Donut, ABC Donut, Donut Hole, Krispy Kreme, The Donut Man, Sunny Donut, Jax's Donuts No. 11 (I think we'll have to go here while my nephew Jaxon is visiting), Boston Donuts, Us Donuts (& Yogurt), Baker's Dozen Donuts, Pronto Donuts, Jean's Donut Shop (sorry Jean, no clue if they're any good! Come visit us and we'll take you there to find out!), Yum Yum Donuts, and Donuts Express -- most within an 8 minute drive from here, all within a 13 mile radius from here.

What is UP with that?


  1. Heidi said...
    The joke here is that every strip mall contains a nail place and a donut shop... I guess those are the priorities of Texans.
    Jean said...
    I know, there are donut places all over the place in Pasadena, too!! There are 3 within a five-minute walking distance of us, plus about a million more within a drive. And yes, I am intrigued about Jean's donuts. I must try. Maybe Jean of Jean's donuts will give me a free one. :-)
    Rae said...
    DEFINITELY have to check out Jax's Donuts!!
    TanuvasaCasa said...
    lucky lucky girl!!! I have to drive atleast 45 minutes to get to a donut shop! The only thing close by is the grocery store donut...not too many choices. I always crave donuts like a mad woman when I'm pregnant...mmmmm. Well, maybe I crave them all the time but I use pregnancy as my excuse to constantly eat them! Gotta get them all in before the gest. diabetes hits!
    Qait said...
    :| that is crazy.

    Are there a lot of cops in California???

    Melissa said...
    Christy's is the best out of all of them. Love Christy's!

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