Thursday, November 12, 2009

Esther's outfit choices are always fun. Always.
Socks on her feet and socks on her hands.
Fairy wings on her back.
Can you see the tutu sticking out of the leotard?

My day has been non-stop but very, very good. How about yours?

This is all very random, but this is what's on my mind right now, so this is what you get. :D I realized partway in that the pictures are fitting because they're random too!

The girls put this on their windowsill and Autumn said it made her feel safe. I guess I'd think twice too before coming in their window if I saw a giant cockroach with a yellow Halloween skeleton in its clutches.

My throat is hurting. Not because of yelling. I think I've just been talking too much today! The girls are going a mile a minute and when I keep up with them I wonder what we all sound like to someone on the outside listening in. It's a wonder I haven't lost my voice.

Yesterday Becca woke up from a nap and I was in the middle of a very intense lesson with Heidi. I asked Autumn to get a bottle of water and some fruit puffs and after that she got Becca up from her nap and here is the "set-up" she had ready for her. She's sandwiched by our fire-proof box and her basket of her toys. She can sit up on her own and catches herself now when she loses her balance but her big sisters are extra attentive.

Becca had a fever late Sunday to early Tuesday. I never did take her temperature because I could tell it was high enough to keep an eye on but low enough that we didn't need to go in. Last night I noticed she had a rash. After doing some research today (and Rae's invaluable memories of Savvy being sick last year), I am relieved to know she has roseola. I am relieved to know what it is, to know that only one sister may catch it (or have unknowningly shared it in the first place), that Eric & I are in the clear for catching it, that we haven't been anywhere to share it since it started, and that she won't need to go to the doctor. I am also extremely grateful that aside from some mild fussiness and clinginess, Becca is not having a really hard time. All good things.

Esther wearing two of my socks.

We tried a new playdough recipe today and love it. It's a pretty basic salt dough recipe that is made on the stove. I usually steer clear of those and prefer the quick ones that just require mixing. I'm glad I tried this one out though! The mix-only versions tend to be a lot grainier and harder on the hands. This was nice and smooth and didn't smell funny either. We made five different colors and then made the uppercase alphabet as part of Heidi's writing practice today. We put each letter on wax paper so we could move it into place in our alphabet and that worked well because after we were done we were able to easily make a lot of words. Autumn was singing the song from Leapfrog's Talking Words Factory - "First you add the 'b', then you add the 'at', put them all together and then you have..." and then she'd pause and wait for Heidi to fill in the blank. After that they used the same wax paper to make "candies" (like saltwater taffy). And after the playdough had been cleaned up for a few hours, they asked for it again and unwrapped all the candies and made cakes. They asked me to save them for Eric to see when he comes home tonight. I think we sure got some good mileage out of this dough already! And I hear it lasts forever (if your kids don't squish it all together making nasty colors and then you throw it away because you can't stand the sight of it...). Maybe this batch'll last till their cousins come for Thanksgiving. :)

Playdough cakes the girls made

I've noticed a new trend with Becca at naptime. I give her a binky/pacifier/whatever! at naptime and she takes it, pulls it out of her mouth, rolls over onto her side and pops her thumb into her mouth. And then she drops the binky out of the crib after I leave. Hah! I was really hoping she'd prefer the binky over her fingers. This from the voice of experience. You can't cut off fingers! I have three other finger suckers and Autumn still struggles if she's got a blanket close by. I don't even want to TALK about Heidi yet. My dentist grandpa said as long as they stop by the time they're five it won't cause any damage. Don't do the math on my older two.

The girls made good use of some of our toilet paper. I especially love the look on Sulley.

It's funny to look at how my perspective has changed over the years. When I had Autumn I always said, "Oh, I'm not giving her a pacifier! I don't want to get up in the middle of the night to put it back in her mouth." The funny thing about that is that I never thought to myself, "I just won't give her one at night!" Not until my sister-in-law (Anna, you are awesome!) had her first kid and told me how they were doing the whole pacifier thing. Just don't give it to them at night! Oh. Duh. Why didn't I think of that? Not to mention she rarely gave her daughter a pacifier and as she got older, Anna was so awesome about weaning her from it gradually. By two it was gone. Just like that.

So now I really, really wish I had been that smart. But...also, I have to cut myself some slack and say that it seems that some kids want to suck on fingers, some on pacificiers, and some on nothing at all. I have nephews (several!) who didn't want fingers or pacifiers. I have a niece who loves her pacifier. Another niece who didn't want one and doesn't suck a finger. And then another nephew who wanted a pacifier for a short time. I'm starting to wonder if there's really anything we as parents can do to make them prefer one over the other! Anyone want to put in there two-cents here?

Such a cutie!

This closet was a disaster before tonight. It's still not done but it's a lot closer now than it was before. Games, craft supplies for the girls, paper, coloring books, crayons, and the bottom two shelves will hopefully have enough room for towels, sheets, and pillowcases.


  1. Lisa said...
    About the pacifier/thumb/nothing thing, I don't think there's a lot you can do to decide what they prefer. Sometimes you just have to say that to stay sane as a mother, you need to put that pacifier in their mouth!!!
    Rae said...
    Awesome closet organizing!

    I have to quote you: "I have nephews (several!) who didn't want fingers or pacifiers. I have a niece who loves her pacifier. Another niece who didn't want one and doesn't suck a finger. And then another nephew who wanted a pacifier for a short time."

    I LOVE THAT. I love that because you are such a researcher, you keep these facts you've learned close to you--and so you happen to know LOTS about your nephews and nieces, which makes me love you even more. And makes them love you even more.
    Christine & Brian said...
    Max was a thumb sucker from 6 weeks old and he's still doing it though we're trying to break him of it. Oliver takes a binky but lately I've caught him sucking his thumb too. I really think each kid is gonna do what works for them.
    Qait said...
    I like random posts, that was fun.

    We thought the same thing with Ender and binkies, but one night he was screaming SO much that finally Michael went in was quiet suddenly! He came back, and I asked what he that was it, we were broken in to the Binky World. We never had to put it back in Ender's mouth during the night, though. Ever. If it fell out, he didn't notice.

    A few months ago, we lost all Ender's binkies (such a blessing) while moving. Michael's mom made the comment "Oh, well it only takes two days!" And I thought WHAT?!!! Why didn't someone tell me that before?! We'd always given up by night-time of second day. Anyway, we found the binkies after the two days, but Ender had been separated long enough to forget.
    I think mostly we had to ween ourselves. It's so nice to stop the crying/screaming with a good little plug.
    So... I don't know how much you can figure in what the baby will prefer, but if you start with a binky they like, you could probably keep things under your control (I guess).
    Anna said...
    Thanks for calling me awesome. :) And I have to tell you, Isaac does the same thing, I will put a binkie in his mouth at naptime, but it ends up on the floor and the thumb goes in instead. So I have decided if he is going to do it while sleeping, oh well. However, during the day when he is playing on the floor I sometimes find him putting his thumb in his mouth, so I will just pop it out a couple times,(which he thinks is hilarious) and then he stops. Or if I see him doing it, I pop out the finger and replace it with the binkie. I don't know if it is going to make a difference. But I am giving it a shot.
    chucknorris said...
    abby what you're doing with the girls for their homeschool is amazing to me and i'm so excited and happy for you. your girls are awesome and so bright and i really feel like you're so good for them. and then you're related to ME! what do you know! i love my family... it's such a self esteem boost to be related to such amazing people.

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