Sunday, November 15, 2009

Violent Thoughts

Dear Neighbor one street over (I believe that's where you are),

Despite what you think, it is not okay for you to blast your music in your backyard and have a party which makes me feel like there is a party in my front yard.

It is also not okay to do this twice over a two month period of time.

Yours Truly,
Mother of Four YOUNG children

P.S. - And yes, that was me that called the cops. Both times. You're welcome.


Dear Neighbor NEXT DOOR,

I know your mother just turned 61. I understand you want to celebrate. I understand you want to do something special and you don't usually do this.

That does not change the fact that your DJ is playing music in your backyard, adjacent to MY backyard and my children CANNOT SLEEP. Rent a space. Blast the music INSIDE. Figure something else OUT.

Yours Truly,
Mother of Four SLEEP DEPRIVED, YOUNG children


Dear Neighbor one street over with whom I share a backyard wall,

I understand it is someone's birthday. Probably a 40th from the black balloons I see. I understand you love karaoke.

I do not.

Please, go somewhere else or keep it in your house. You have NEIGHBORS and this is NOT an apartment complex. Be courteous. Are you shocked? Do you really think I am the ONLY one bothered by this? Ask around. You'll see your loudness is not appreciated.

Yours Truly,
Mother of Four YOUNG children, one of which has a cold and is having difficulty breathing/sleeping and I'm sure YOUR NOISE DOES NOT HELP.


I know, I know. Welcome to Los Angeles and all surrounding cities?

Well I quit! The bear has come out of hibernation and if you cross me again I will BITE YOUR HEAD OFF. Got it?


On a more serious and less raging sidenote, any suggestions? Is my only recourse really to call the cops? I have talked to one of the three of these neighbors and they turned it down for a bit but what can I really ask? What I want to say is "Um, could you please send everyone home?" Yeah...for some reason I don't think that would get me very far...


  1. Tiff said...
    You could always resort to white noise. People make fun of me for it, but it eases my nerves knowing that the little fans in each of my girls' rooms is the one thing keeping them asleep on nights like that.


    (And yes - we ALWAYS call the cops.... it ALWAYS helps.... and it has officially stopped one of the neighbors for good thus far).
    Lisa said...
    Oh, I'm so sorry. Apparently you live in a fairly rockin' neighborhood.
    Qait said...
    Well, that made me smile... but I feel bad for you! :( I'm sorry! MY suggestions don't feel very know, like have your own party or something. I think you're fine to call the cops every time. And you could send an anonymous postcard if you I don't know, Abby! I wish I were more helpful!
    You could give the girls earplugs, too. Poor Becca, though, that wouldn't work for her.
    :( Well... I love you. :\
    And I really did enjoy reading that blog. I'm usually way too pansy to say how I REALLY feel about stuff like that. ;)
    Abby Hanson said...
    Thanks guys. I think next time we'll be calling the cops...urgh.

    And to add to the whole situation, when I opened my kitchen blinds this morning I saw four beer cans in our yard. Lovely. I went out with a plastic grocery bag to pick them up and chucked them RIGHT BACK OVER THE WALL.
    Heidi said...
    Oh, this brings back memories of living far too close to neighbors. That was crucial in our house buying choice- finding out how loud the neighbors are, dogs, ages, party frequency, etc, etc... though we did almost call the cops on a karaoke party on Halloween until we realized it was at the STAKE CENTER in the parking lot at the trunk-or-treat. How embarrassing is that, it was those crazy party Mormons disturbing the neighborhood?? Kit walked over and told them to cut it out.

    Anyhoo, when disturbed by domestic disturbances, stereos, parties, dogs, or fireworks in the middle of the night sometimes Kit would go ask them to stop (if I didn't think it would endanger his life, if we knew the neighbors, etc) but otherwise we just called the cops. We called the cops a LOT. And I found out after the first warning if the same address gets a repeat call on them for noise the cops can start writing fines, at least in that one city. I didn't want bad relations with the neighbors but I also was going berserk with the noise waking up me and the kids.

    Coping ideas - white noise machines, fans, ear plugs, sometimes waiting until night to run the dishwasher or dryer for background noise, fall asleep with music playing in their rooms (or on my iPod.) But yes, mostly I just kept calling the cops.

    I'm sorry. :( I remember vividly how horrid it was to deal with obnoxiously loud neighbors. Sometimes I did go over and try to be kind, either during the noise or the next day. When they saw I was human I think they were more willing to be considerate? And going when enormously pregnant made some of them cooperate more, or if it was during the next day and I took the kids with me to introduce ourselves. Sometimes I even brought baked goods. :)

    I'm rambling. Bribery - baked goods. Being kind, developing a relationship. White noise machines, anything to help you and your family sleep. And calling the cops on any neighbors being stupid & inconsiderate. OH, and sometimes I would go introduce myself to the other neighbors so we could all gang up on the repeat offenders and tag team calling the cops on them.
    Jean said...
    HAHAHA - I LOVE that you chucked the beer cans back over the well. LOL!! You rock. Sorry about the crappy neighbors. Keep on calling the cops, and try Tiff's white noise idea. Weston sleeps with a loud fan in his room, which helps to block out the neighbors/trucks/sirens/etc. :-)
    Rae said...
    I have no advice, as everyone else has already given such great advice! Just sympathy. :)
    Rae said...
    Oh, yes I do--p.s.

    I think that the hard thing is, you want to be able to be kind and negotiate and co-exist peacefully. Sometimes neighbors are easy to be reasoned with. Sometimes they really are just unaware of how rude they're being.

    And SOMETIMES....sometimes they are drunkenly singing karaoke and should not be reasoned with. Which (I think) is a good time to call the cops.
    Anna said...
    No advice-- so sorry. That really sucks. It drives me crazy when people are so inconsiderate of others. Ugh
    chucknorris said...
    oh abby. :)
    some people are so annoying... i'm sorry.
    i must say i like your fiery indignation. i'm taking it seriously but at the same time i think it's entertaining. you just sound so smart and snappy when you're mad, i like it. :)

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