Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today (and several days over the past few weeks), Esther came up to me and said:

E: "Do you know what Dobby doos (that's does for 3-year-old-speak) to the closet door?"
me: "Yes Esther. Please don't show me."
E: "He doos this."

And then she proceeds to BANG HER HEAD ON THE WALL and say "Bad Dobby. Bad Dobby."

And then she walks away and says, "That's so silly."


In other fun stuff, our toilet is a "high efficiency/low flow" toilet. In regular english that means, flushing is not very effective unless you hold down the handle. Yesterday I realized if the girls would sing the ABC's, it would be just the right amount of time.

Today this is what I heard from Esther down the hall:

"A, B, C, D, Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you..."


And I keep not saying this, waiting for some pictures. I guess I should just say it and share pictures later.


It is SO cute. And at this point she isn't mischievous yet so we can deal with it. It's been fun to watch her get to the point where she could actually start crawling. Autumn & Heidi both did an army crawling, pulling themselves along by their arms and not even bothering with their legs until they were stronger. Esther rolled until one day she got up and crawled.

I kept reading and hearing about how babies rock back and forth on all fours when they're close to crawling but never got to see that until this time around.

I think it's one of the funniest things to watch.


I have one more picture to upload, but for now - here are pictures from Grandpa, Mom & Dad's visit to be here for Autumn's baptism. I am amazed that I have a child old enough for that!

Autumn wearing her dress made especially for the occasion by my wonderful friend from church (Vicki is awesome!)

Becca visiting with her great-grandpa. She is named after his mother, Anna Rebecca Rogers. I am ecstatic that the name was still available for me when she came around! We have had a Rebecca and two Rae's named after "Grandma Rae" but NOONE has been given her entire name. She loved her name and always wished people called her by it, but alas, she was destined to be called "Rae". (When she was born, they were worried her grandmothers, Anna & Rebecca, would feel like one was a favorite if she was called by that name and so...she was called Rae!) It also worked perfectly with our naming tradition of our girls. They each have an aunt's name as one of their two names.


  1. Jean said...
    Awww, Autumn looks great in her baptism dress!! And mega-hooray for Becca crawling!! And that Dobby story seriously cracks me up. Hahaha!
    Heidi said...
    Dobby story - too funny.

    My oldest is eight today and I have no clue how I'll get through his baptism without bawling. It went too fast!

    Isn't the rocking on all fours adorable?
    Lisa said...
    hahaha, I love those stories about Esther. TOO FUNNY!!
    Rae said...
    I LOVE the quotables and I love the photos. :)
    Qait said...
    HAHAHHAHAH he doos this!
    So funny. I love it.
    That's just crazy Autumn's that age. I remember being that age.
    chucknorris said...
    I bet Autumn loved that dress. What cuties. Your girls are so sweet. I miss them.

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