Thursday, February 7, 2008

Update on Life

Wow, so I am seriously lacking in the blogging world lately. I don't know what's come over me. Lots has been happening and I even have lots of pictures....

So recent news:

Autumn's hamster, Mary, had babies. TEN to be exact. The pet store will be taking them back (which they had already agreed to when we bought, if she should turn out to be pregnant) if we can't find homes for them through her school. Some of the teachers may want classroom pets and some of her classmates may want a pet. So we'll see. While it sounds very big and annoying to deal with, it's actually been and going to be very fun. They're very cute and Autumn made a calendar with me marking the changes that will be happening to them over the next three weeks (pigment, fur, eyes opening, eating solids, all that jazz). Some of her friends are equally excited and will be visiting to track the hamster pups' progress. I'll try to post pictures soon.

I have officially decided to homeschool Autumn next year -- and lest you think I'm crazy, for now I'll just refer you to this wonderful article that explains my thoughts so well (and just to warn you, it's not short. It's not really long either, but just so you know...). I'm sure I'll post more about it as time goes on too. I'm working on setting up a homeschooling blog too so that those who aren't as interested in hearing about that all the time can just come here for the typical stuff you've come to know and love (right?) and there for anything homeschool-related that we'll be doing.

I am now the Ward Organist instead of Assistant Ward Organist. Good times. Did you know I actually love to play the organ? Now I'm not saying I play the organ. I play piano, but I do have an organ book and I love trying different stops and learning to use the pedals. It's just fun and so different from piano.

I bought a double jogging stroller and it ships tomorrow (after being backordered for two weeks since I actually purchased it...). I will be anxiously awaiting its arrival. Our walks will be SO much easier. Woo-hoo!!

And that's all I can think of for now. Not too much, but it's been exciting!


  1. Creative Catharsis said...
    I can't wait to see the hamster babies and stroller! :) Hamster babies...stroller...hamster babies IN stroller? :)
    Liz said...
    You are busy. You said "That's what's been going on . . .not too much" but I know better! Not too much, huh? Well, I guess I know what you mean, but still, I know you fill your time . . . which is good . . .am I making any sense?! I guess I'm just not wanting to underestimate all that you do. There. :)
    Erika said...
    Abby- I'm thinking about homeschooling too. I'd love to read a homeschooling blog whenever you start that!!!
    Abby Hanson said...
    Erika, are you really? Cool! Well, I've already started my homeschooling blog but it's still in the VERY early stages. Right now I'm using it as a "brain-dump" for all the homeschooling things I think of. One place to keep it all. So for now it's lots of lists. But here's the address if you want to take a look:

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