Saturday, February 16, 2008

So remember the update a few posts ago? Hamster pups, homeschooling, playing the organ, and getting a new stroller? Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

My new jogging stroller. I love it!

They're kind of hard to see in this picture, but here are Mary's babies at 3 days old.

And here they are today at 11 days old. Look how much bigger they are!

They still nurse but they also eat other foods now. Check out this one gnawing on a carrot.


  1. chucknorris said...
    abby they're so tiny!! it's so cute!! i still crack up how the hampster's name is mary. oops- hamster.
    Creative Catharsis said...
    They're so ticugly! (tiny + cute + ugly = ticugly)

    I love the stroller. Reed saw it and was making sweet remarks about Esther. He really misses her. He's pretty enamored with her.
    Lisa said...
    How cute those little hamsters are!! If I ever get bogged down with nursing I'll just have to turn to that picture of the hamster nursing a billion kids at once. At least we don't do that!

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