Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Line dry? Oh my!

Alright. I need help! Last night when I turned on the dryer it ran for a few minutes and then turned off. I turned it back on successfully and then fell asleep. This morning I discovered that the clothes had definitely not dried so I'm assuming it did the same thing. I started them again and had a repeat of last night's "running for a few minutes and then shutting off". I turned it on again and it finally finished the cycle.

But fast forward to tonight and I'm doing another load. I haven't done laundry since this morning and now the dryer won't even turn ON.

Any ideas? Am I done for? It's an old dryer but I did check the hose in the back and I know it's in place. I clean the lint trap regularly. And other than that, I don't know what to do.

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  1. raehink said...
    Here are some ideas from Ivan...check the door switch. If the switch is not actually making contact it won't run. It oculd be that the exhaust tube itself is plugged. Take a look at that. A short in the circuitry could cause that. Check your breakers. Something could be blocking the ignitor inside. Other than that...you'll probably need a serviceman or a new dryer. P.S. I miss your book posts. Where have you been? Aunt Rae

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