Thursday, February 28, 2008

You know, the Church is an amazing thing. I mean, aside from being guided by a latter-day prophet and having the Book of Mormon to guide us as well as the Bible (which is pretty huge huh?). But right now I'm thinking of the networking, the helping hands - it's just amazing.

I called my Relief Society President to see if she knew of anyone in the ward that repaired dryers or of anyone who wanted to get rid of a dryer.
RS Pres: "Why don't you call so-and-so. I think she was given a washer and/or dryer. You could just see if they were able to hook them up and if they're able to use them. You can let her know I told you to call. I'm not sure if it'll help, but it's worth a phone call."
Me: "Okay. Thanks."

Me on the phone with So-and-so: "RS President said you recently got a washer and dryer and that I should call to see if you were able to get them hooked up and use them."
So-and-So: "Yes, they're working fine. Why?"
Me: This is where I explained my dryer dilemma and then,
So-and-so says, "Oh! Well you can have the DRYER. My dryer wasn't broken so we didn't need the dryer."
Me: "Well I was planning to buy one used. Can I pay you?"
So-and-so: "Oh, no! They were given to me by someone in the Church and I'd feel bad charging for them."

And so it turns out that this dryer has changed hands from someone in a different ward (congregation), to one family in our ward, on to So-and-so, and now to me!

As I think about this, I keep thinking about a commercial for Liberty Mutual. Remember this? I love the message.


  1. Rachel said...
    That's so awesome, Abby! The Church Dryer. :) The networking/volunteer side of things is awesome.
    Headle said...
    Abby--You are ADORABLE!!

    I love that commercial!! That is SO TRUE!

    Its such a blessing to be a part of a church community! Everyone seems to enjoy GIVING as much, if not more, as receiving! I'm always learning so much about generosity from other members!

    Great insight!! Ooo...and I love your blog layout! Its sooo CUTE!!

    (P.S. to answer your question...I taught elementary school for two years, before I had Drew :)
    Nicki said...
    love the church and love that commercial! congrats on the dryer/blessing!!
    Anna said...
    Yeah, that's awesome! I am so glad that the problem was fixed. The church is sooo awesome. And I really like that commercial too. It always made me smile.
    Lisa said...
    Hooray!! I'm glad that disaster/$75 was averted! I wish I could just call random people and get a dryer. :)

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