Wednesday, November 14, 2007


(this is from -- I cropped the bellybutton...
I guess marketing thought T-shirts wouldn't allow the buyers to see the jeans?!)

I'm on the hunt for some jeans. I have an old pair that "died" but I haven't been able to part with them (translation = they sit in my closet and every once in awhile I stare at them with longing).

I'd love to find some just like them but I bought them at a thrift-shop (I miss Plato's Closet!) and only know the brand name. If all YMI jeans are like, I'm in love. I know you can all relate. It's always hard to find that perfect pair of jeans...

The tag has a style number...anyone else had experience with hunting down the actual style?? Maybe it's time to put in a call to YMI's main office.
In other news...there's a new post on my music blog and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Just post me a comment! I'd really love a discussion on it. Every Wednesday will be a Forum or Discussion post, so keep your eyes peeled! (Whatever does THAT mean anyway and where did that come from?)

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  1. Crystal said...
    This is off the subject, but I was just looking at Eric's blog and there are a bunch of pics of a girl I went to HS with...Rachel Cox! Funny! I also know her hubby, BJ. Small world, eh?

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