Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mothers, Part Two

I just had to add something Rachel said to me today. We were talking about responses to what we do and she said, "I really like boggling them by proudly and boldly saying, "I'm a mother. I mother." I have found that gets some really cool reactions....even from the most sour people."

I think that's an awesome response and I can see how it would change people's reaction from the typical response to "stay-at-home mom" to a little thoughtfulness and remembering just what moms DO.

I wonder if when we respond that we are "stay-at-home" moms, if we don't sound apologetic while a response of "I'm a mother. I mother." might be more hopeful and positive?


  1. Crystal said...
    "I'm a mother. I mother." I LOVE IT!!! I am always very careful to NOT say "I JUST say home with my baby" or I'm JUST a SAHM". There is no JUST about it. It's hard work!!!!
    Creative Catharsis said...
    The whole "stay-at-home" thing bugs me, and here's why:
    We DON'T stay home! We are out running errands, out picking children up from school, out playing with our kids in the backyard, out doing church callings....out, out, out at any given time. And I think it can tend to make mothers who choose to work or need to work feel bad when we make that specific of a classification. Who cares whether we stay at home, have to work, choose to work...we're mothers. We mother! (And she quietly and sheepishly stepped off the soapbox.)
    Abby Hanson said...
    Crystal, I'm so glad that helps you! Your post about mothers a couple months back did so much for me too!

    Rae, you can stay on that soapbox as long as you want. :)
    Mary Beth said...
    That's a great thought. Thanks for sharing.

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