Saturday, November 17, 2007

I know, I know - it's taken me forever to get these up here. I took these with Eric's amazing camera, however I am not so amazing with it. It took me a few pictures in to realize it needed to be on auto-focus since I had no clue what I was doing. So Heidi's picture is blurred and we never did get a clearer one of her. She is always on the move.

Autumn as a Japanese dancer (she got this at Grandma's this summer)

Heidi decided she wanted to be "Princess Presto" from PBS's SuperWHY.

Esther as a bunny. I love the cotton ball tail.

And I just HAD to include this little boy. Eric wasn't able to go to our ward Trunk or Treat (yep, rehearsals...) and I knew he would appreciate this costume.


Optimus Prime

(of Transformers)


  1. Crystal said...
    Cute!! I am so in love with home made costumes...that Optimus Prime takes the cake!!
    Creative Catharsis said...
    I LOVE the bunny costume! (And the adorable baby within) And I love Heidi's. (I love Autumn's, too, but I've already seen it and so you already know I love it.)
    Mary Beth said...
    Such cute costumes! I haven't seen your blog in a while- my google reader doesn't tell me when you update anymore, so I havne't been checking! I'll start checking more often now!
    Lisa said...
    Oh I love the costumes! Each looks so cute!! And John would LOVE that Optimus Prime one, I should show him.
    Anna said...
    The girls look great, as usual. And that Optimus Prime outfit is awesome!!!

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