Monday, November 12, 2007

I've been watching a lot of TLC's What Not to Wear lately and learning so much about what works for my own body type. Sometimes I think it would be a blast to be on Stacy & Clinton's show - but most times, I think it'd be completely humiliating and embarrassing. They're so honest and not always tactful that quite often I feel really bad for the girls on the show. That being said, they do know what they're talking about and teach good principles about finding styles that fit your own body type. And I would almost go on the show JUST for the perks of having Nick do my hair and Carmindy do my makeup.

Today being Veteran's Day (I have to take a second to say - Go Army!! Yay for my dad, my uncle, my brothers-in-law, my cousin and all those other wonderful people who have served and continue to serve in the military! Okay...I know that was short and there's a lot more to that but I'll save that for another time since this post is about clothes.), so, today being Veteran's Day (just to reiterate after that long side-note) Eric and Autumn had school off and we did some shopping - FOR ME!

It was really fun! Surprisingly so. Even with three kids in tow. We spent a total of five hours shopping. I can't believe it. And although I only have one shirt and one pair of shoes to show for it, I learned SO much about stores and clothes-types that work and don't work. I feel like it was time well spent.

I've learned that I love Charlotte Russe! At least for now anyway. I know styles change - but for now, they've got what works for me and I'm so excited! I love tunic tops! They really work for me. And trapeze tops are fairly good too. I think JC Penney will also be good if I hit the sales. I'm still on the lookout for places with things that work for me. I found several that did not, but now I know to steer clear of them.

I'm still trying to find some jeans that work for me and know that flares will work best. Not huge flares though. Any suggestions? I tried Old Navy and they almost worked but I want something that has some kind of design on the back pockets. Sounds silly, but it makes a difference. ;)

* Disclaimer: I am not a model! And I am happy despite the strange expressions on my face. :)


  1. Creative Catharsis said...
    Phill says: "Tell her when she smiles to show a little TEETH!" :) He picks on me when I do the no-teeth smile. hhahah...anyway! I LOVE your new outfit, Abby! You look awesome! Your proportions are fabulous and the green is really beautiful on you! Good job, and good job to Eric for helping you pick things out. :) You look beautiful.
    Anna said...
    You look great! I love the new outfit and the new shoes. Good job. Have you ever tried Kohl's? They have a really good selection for a good deal. Oh and I hear Express jeans are really good, I just don't know how much they are. Have fun with the shopping.
    Crystal said...
    I can't even tell you how in love I am with WNTW!! I soooo want Stacy to take me shopping.

    Jeans. I am in dire need of some new ones. AND I WANT EXPENSIVE ONES!!! Ones that will last more than a year. Ones that won't get stretched out & ill-fitting. Paiges? 7's? Rock & Republics? Holy smokes they are spendy.
    Lisa said...
    Man, I'm sorry I didn't see this post for so long! I am a huge fan of What Not to Wear, and I TIVO it everyday :) I concur with the statement about Nick and Carmindy--they're great!

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