Monday, November 5, 2007

Eric and I check out all sorts of music from the library and love to share it with our girls. We hope they will come to love music as much as we do. And we want them to understand what their daddy does for a living. We want them to feel like they can be part of what he does.

We already have several family favorites and we've decided to share them and everything else we find with anyone else who's interested. So, naturally (right?), we've decided to start a music blog.

Since we've just gotten started, there'll be a lot of changes over the next little while. We have an "I Recommend" section that has several CD's we'll be posting reviews for soon. And we'll be adding "I Recommend" sections for Books & DVD's soon.

If you have found things your kids have loved, let me know and we'd love to have you contribute to our Classical Music for Kids blog.


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