Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pyscho Daisy

When we were in Japan with Grandma, Autumn & Heidi got some toys from the thrift store. This was Autumn's pick. It was too big to fit in our suitcases (with all the other stuff...not because it was life-size...it's not) so Grandma found a box that fit Daisy just right. It was so perfect that Mom and I dubbed it "Daisy's coffin". We also joked with each other about sending the box to the wrong address. She's a little too creepy for my tastes, but Autumn loves her Daisy Duck.


And as you can see, she also loves to write but we're still working on spelling. I don't encourage the girls to write on things other than paper (you might think otherwise if you came to visit...), and there was no praise for this bit of handiwork, but I did sneak into her room to get a picture.

She also wrote on her play kitchen but the writing has worn off. A couple of weeks ago it said: CICHN.


  1. Creative Catharsis said...
    Abby, she is SO smart!!! I really REALLY love the spelling of kitchen. Makes so much sense: cichn.
    Anna said...
    I have to admit Daseduc is pretty creepy. But hey at least she like it. :)

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