Tuesday, October 23, 2007

These pictures don't do justice to the damage done!

Her hair was all the same length before this. And on camera it looks like it would be something we could just work with. Trust me. It wasn't.

This is what I had hoped for, but after it dried I realized it wasn't even. I didn't take any pictures of her hair dry, so it's hard to tell.


The end product. Shorter than I'd planned, but it really fits her spunky personality. Now if I could just find some clips that really keep the front hairs out of her eyes!


  1. Creative Catharsis said...
    ABBY!! sooooooo cute!! I love it. I really do. I think it fits her perfectly. As for barrettes/clips that hold the hair back: www.out-to-tea.com
    They're not cheap, but they're not over-the-moon expensive, either. They're cute.
    Anna said...
    Abby it turned out so cute!! She looks great. I say for a kid hair cutting job, it turned out really good. You should've seen Michael's neice Becca, they had to give her a boy cut. Oh and if you do find some good clips, let me know.

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