Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween is especially fun with kids. As I've been racking my brain for costume ideas this year, I made a list of all the previous costumes our girls have had.

We do our best to make them ourselves. And s
ome years are better than others regardless of the costumes being homemade or store-bought. I look forward to the coming years as the girls all grow and become responsible for making their own costumes. Until then...

This year, I think we'll have a Japanese Dancer (in her yukata she got from Japan this summer), Princess Pea (from PBS's SuperWhy), and a bunny rabbit.

Little Ladybug

A green bean. I know....the imagination behind this one is just stunning...
(Please note the sarcasm...)

2003Hmmm...something looks familiar here...we're economizing...
Dipsy (I still can't believe I succumbed to this...) and a flower.

A bunny and a Christmas Present.

A butterfly.

2005Sleeping Beauty and a cat.


Pooh Bear, a Panda Bear, and a Fairy.


  1. Anna said...
    Man those girls are cute! I can't wait to see pictures of them for this year. Happy Halloween!
    The Hodges said...
    I am very impressed with the costumes!! I hope your Halloween was happy!

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