Monday, October 8, 2007

So tonight I was reading an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood and had to laugh inwardly, several times, at what a silly story it is! It reminded me of the "physics" mistakes in Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

  • Seriously, would you let your daughter go walking in the woods if you had just seen a wolf there?! I struggled to keep it in when Red's mother says, "Take these fresh buns...[blah blah blah], But stay on the main path. Don't wander off it! Your father thinks there may be a wolf prowling about in the woods." Yeah...right.
  • And then of course when Red does meet the wolf, she assumes he's a little hairier than most people because she's never seen a wolf before! I guess if she's like a certain celebrity who doesn't know tuna is "Chicken of the Sea" - that'd make sense, but only then. :)
  • Moving on, she tells the strange-looking perfect stranger her name AND where she's going!
  • So she gets to the cottage and Granny is locked up in the closet...of the same room...ding ding ding...any "this story doesn't make sense" bells going off here? Granny's in the closet of the SAME room the wolf and Red are in. I'm thinking if I were Granny, I'd be screaming my head off or banging against that closet as hard as I could! And lest you think she's simply knocked out, read on for a few pages and you'll see as she relates the story to the woodcutter (Red's dad), that Granny heard it all!
Anyone ready for a little more fun? I'm not even going to address Red's conversation with the Wolf as her eyesight is bad and the room is dark. So convenient.
  • Next the Wolf runs away and takes a nap. When Red's dad finds him, he hears Red yelling for help from inside the Wolf....okay, we're beyond practical. We're beyond any amount of explanation. At this point we just have to accept that this story is beyond goofy and sit back for some more laughs.
  • So Red is "alive and kicking" (literally?) INSIDE the Wolf....
  • Father/Woodcutter cuts the Wolf open, but the Wolf is so tired he doesn't even wake up. Naturally.
  • Red is safe and as payback, they load the still-sleeping Wolf's belly with rocks.
  • They then stitch up the still-sleeping Wolf's belly...
  • And all's well that ends well when the Wolf wakes up, goes for a drink, and sinks to the bottom of the lake.
Can someone tell me why stories like this are written? Of course, if a story is about a TALKING wolf to begin's bound to have some reality flaws. It is, after all, a classic tale (though not a fairy tale).

When we finished Autumn told me, "That was scary." I suppose for a six-year old it would be! Fortunately she likes being scared, a little, so that was acceptable. Anyway...I enjoyed it too, even if on an entirely different level than my girls.


  1. raehink said...
    LOL. I read a book years ago on fairy tales and their impact and origin. I will try and track down the title and post it on our book blog. Aunt Rae
    Creative Catharsis said...
    Oh, Abby....HAHHAHHA....I love that post. I remember reading that story (all by my lonesome) at the age of eight, and thinking how stupid it was--mostly how stupid Red was, but I also was annoyed by how much I still enjoyed reading it. (And this is coming from the girl with the very vivid imagination, from whence came Clasha, who lasted until I was twelve...)
    Anna said...
    I love the post-I don't think I ever thought of it like that. But of course I was the clueless one when I was kid (at least I hope I'm better now.) :) Thanks for sharing, it made me laugh.
    Lisa said...
    Now I want to know what makes something a classic tale and not a fairy tale... :)

    I'm so glad that you found my blog, and I stalked my way onto yours, hope you don't mind! I can't believe how big your girls have gotten! We definitely missed Autumn when you guys left. I'm excited to keep reading!
    Abs said...
    Lisa - no worries! I love how blogs make it so easy to stay connected!
    Wendi said...
    Haha! I blog stalked you too Abby! I found it via Tim and Jean, whose blog I found via Liz Johnson.

    I've thought that about a lot of fairy tales I've read lately. The people in them really just don't use their brains!

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