Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last month I went to this beach with the girls and Kristi and her girls. This month the girls and I got to go again and show it to Eric & Mom Hanson. It is GORGEOUS. And only minimal sunburns this time. Thank goodness!

We were standing there talking, minding our own business -- when all of the sudden this heron is standing practially RIGHT NEXT TO US. Maybe it was eavesdropping...

This is my favorite shot of the heron. I thought the heron would fly or run(?) away when it realized we were watching it and interested but it just walked away. Very slowly, and very stately. Very cool.

Esther had a blast. She really loves water & the beach although she didn't want to smile for the camera. Maybe she was wishing she had sunglasses.

This makes me want a beach house of my own along the Gulf Coast.

The beach is such a great place to appreciate nature and God's creations and feel closer to them than I can in the city. And I am continually amazed at Eric's photographer's eye. What a great shot.

What else can I say?

He even waved to us!



  1. Crystal said...
    That beach is BEAUTIFUL!!! Is is far from where you live?
    Abby Hanson said...
    I wish it was a little closer but it's not bad. Two hours away.

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