Monday, May 5, 2008

Two Fridays ago Esther had her speech evaluation to determine if she needs speech therapy. I am happy to report that she didn't pass! That is, she won't be needing speech therapy. She was really cute during the evaluation. Even since she was born she's been a grunter and she still does it at times. The therapists got such a kick out of her grunting when she was playing with a toy that required more effort than others. She also made it abundantly clear that she would only play with what she wanted to play with. The speech therapist (there were four different therapists there) had a bottle and a baby that she wanted Esther to pretend to feed. Esther looked at the woman and gave her the NASTIEST look EVER. We call it the "stank eye". The therapist about died laughing and said, "It's a good thing there aren't any words to go with that look yet!"

And of course, as kids are KNOWN for doing, she showed us at the evaluation that she doesn't need therapy at all by using a phrase I had never heard her utter until that moment. She couldn't get the zipper to close on the toy bag and threw her hands down saying, "I can't do it!" Uh, yeah...why are we having this evaluation again? That was only the second time I had heard her use more than one word at a time. The first time had only been the day before the evaluation. Talk about timing. Kids just seem to know when to kick it up a notch. As if to say, "What? You think I can't talk? I'll show you!"

To qualify she needed to have a 25% or greater delay. That would put her at a 16-month speaking level instead of 22-23 months. She actually came close (17 months) but we have already seen so much improvement in the last month alone (and even the past week since she had the evaluation) that we are confident she's doing just fine.

Last month she could say:
plee-plee (please)
bah (ball)

As of today, she can say:
bahl (ball)
not (which is usually combined with "No, not"...)
"peek boo"
"It won't work"
"I can't do it"
"brella" (umbrella)
"Too hard"
"Go home"
"Go in"

And most of the new ones have come in the last week.
She's just exploding with new words!

When we filled out the paperwork a month ago for her evaluation, she could say so little. In the past month she has added so many words and babbles more too. We wondered if she was simply a late bloomer and it looks like she is!

(And on a sidenote, I know that these pictures are all quite similar but they're all too cute for me to cut even one out. She was playing "Peek-a-boo" with me. She would face then wall and then quickly turn around and just beam at me! And her smile is SO much like mine was as a little girl. One of these days I'll have to put up some pictures to compare.)


  1. Anna said...
    Yay! Glad that things went so well. Love the pictures, they ALL are really cute.
    Rae said...
    Oh, she is just an adorable little dolly! I want to hold her and just pepper her little face with kisses!! :) I'm happy to hear she's decided to talk some more! I knew she would. ;) Jaxon kept mum until about 22 months, and then he too "exploded" with what seemed like everything he had wanted to say for the last six months. "Weed, dop dat!"
    chucknorris said...
    abby, im glad you didnt cut out any pictures she's too cute! she does look a LOT like you did! she'll be lucky to have things stay that way.and its good to know she doesnt need speech therapy!
    Jenn said...
    I love the pictures. They are so cute. I've recently begun to worry about Abigail's speech development. She only says to words right now: Mama (for both Mommy and Daddy) and yes (though it comes out more like yeah). I've decided not to worry yet because she is just reaching the age wear they really start to learn words. I'm glad things went well at the evaluation and that Esther is learning new words.
    Wendi said...
    Isn't it so funny how kids are like that? Cameron's speaking has really come along in bursts. I'm glad that she doesn't need the speech therapy. Don't you love how they can give the dirtiest looks way before they can talk?
    Liz said...
    I love this entry and these pictures! She is so incredibly cute! It's like her happy energy bounces out of the computer into me! I love the way you've thought about how she's kicked it up a notch at just the right moment. It's so funny, isn't it?
    I love you!
    The Hodges said...
    Abby I am sorry I have not commented in such a long time. This little lady is so adorable and has grown up so fast!I am glad everything went well with the evaluation.

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