Sunday, May 25, 2008

This dresser has been in my family for EIGHTEEN years and is finally retiring.

And yes, all those scratch marks -- Rae did that. Not me.
And you laugh thinking, "Yeah, right."
But it's true.
In fact, this dresser was never mine until I left home, had kids, and it was passed it on to me.
It's amazing what you're willing to accept as "furniture" when you're in college.
It still amazes me.

So here's the replacement dresser.
This was an amazing find. I think some neighbors were throwing it out because the bottom drawer was broken (which I fixed for a total of $3.00 -- some wood glue & some nails).

Definitely an improvement, huh?

And since I'm on the subject of thriftiness, here's how I cook things when I have to use more than one large pot. Obviously, my second pot does not have a lid. I wonder if I could find one that would fit. I wonder if it'd be worth it!

In the meantime, I'll just keep chugging along doing what I can to make ends meet. :)


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