Monday, May 19, 2008

Eric had a lesson to teach while Mom & Dad were visiting, so they (and Heidi) tagged along so they could see some of FSU's campus. I think Opa must've been taking the pictures (so no pictures of Opa...) and this first was actually the last in the group when Eric was done teaching.

This is one two buildings Eric lives in during the school year.
One of these days I'll get a better picture so everyone can see his goatee & mustache close-up.

At first I thought Mom was holding a butterfly in this picture but it's actually just a bottle of hand sanitizer!


So cool - Heidi got to put her feet in the fountain.


  1. Froggy Frogg said...
    Wow. You got a really beautiful blog! /Frida in Sweden
    Rae said...
    I LOVE the last one!! And I love Eric's goatie!

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