Friday, January 18, 2008

I keep waiting to blog because first I needed our Christmas pictures from Eric's computer and our network wasn't working right. But once that was taken care of, there were just too many pictures for my overloaded brain to choose from. And then I had some pictures from my own camera that I wanted to put up, but I can't find my cable. And then I waited because I wanted my posts to be in order (yeah, I know I can change that...but I didn't want people to miss stuff because it wasn't at the top as the newest stuff...) I'm sensing a pattern here. And I'm sounding like my daughters on a "whine trip". Time to go see the shrink about my procrastination problem!

Today I went shopping for four hours with Esther and Heidi in tow and they did SO great! They were real troopers. I had a big list and several stores to hit, so I'm really proud of them for how well they did.

After all the walking today, I'm amazed that I only bought one thing. How is it that when you're ready to buy something, you can't find it? But when you're not, it's everywhere?? Of course, then there was the issue of finding what I wanted but not wanting to pay the price...

Here's a run-down of my crazy shopping day:
I went to Old Navy to use my Christmas Gift Card from Rae (you're awesome dear!) but I didn't like anything they had!!! It was really sad too because they were having a massive sale. Anything marked down with an orange sticker, you could chop another 50% off of. There were sweaters for $4.00! How could I NOT like them?? I tried. I really did. It seemed such a waste to not get anything. But then...what's the point if you're just buying to buy but never to wear?

After that I hit Bed Bath & Beyond which was right next door, hoping to find curtains for our french style (sort of) doors that lead to our patio. I found the ones I wanted....but I didn't want the price.

Next we went to the mall (and I have to add that I had snacks in tow and that really helped the girls. I also brought my double stroller, which I haven't done for a long time.) and I got fitted for running shoes. No, not for running. I don't run. Not yet anyway. Aside from that one strangely euphoric walk/run I had a month or two ago. But running shoes are really best for walking or jogging regularly anyway. And I'm sure everyone already knew that. If not, consider yourself informed now. There. I discovered that I love the feel of extra insoles! If you pull out the ones that come with the shoe and put in better ones, it's amazing!

I went into every shoe-type store at the mall to see what kind of deals they had on running shoes but didn't see anything to make me excited. I went to JCPenney too hoping to spend a giftcard from my sister Liz (I have AWESOME sisters!) but couldn't find what I wanted.

THEN...I went to Kohl's and hit pay-dirt. Finally. Running shoes I love. Prices I love. Still no curtains or brown casual shoes (forgot to mention I was searching for those too), but hey, at least I can check off running shoes. Now to get me some of those inserts.

And as if that wasn't enough (of course as I type it, it doesn't sound like much at all...until you add loading and unloading two kids and a stroller and attending to them while shopping....), I stopped at Ross on the way home thinking I'd finally find curtains. Nope. Not there either.

I think I've exhausted my resources with the curtains. Even Wal-Mart didn't have what I was looking for. I am now going to search online and am beating myself for not thinking of that earlier. :)

So....all three girls are in bed and we had a fairly uneventful evening after a packed afternoon. And now, I'm going to go read a book (after I go see about those curtains...).


  1. Lisa said...
    I'm glad you're back!

    I've found that for me, Old Navy either has a billion clothes I love or nothing I love. They go in waves. It's very odd. So, wait it out for one of those lovie times and then you'll use up that gift card like no one's business.

    I'm proud of all of your gavanting with 2 kids in tow! Once I have this baby I'm not going to leave the house... or something...
    Creative Catharsis said...
    I think you deserve to read after a day like that!! I'm exhausted just reading it.

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