Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This morning I packed up my files and hopefully got all the important papers and info that should travel with me. I'm surprised at the amount of papers I found that were trash! I did come across some gems though, definitely worth saving. These are some pictures Autumn has drawn at home over the past few months as well as a letter she "dictated" in preschool (since as you can easily see, that's not her handwriting...).

From the back:
Daddy driving (the 2nd circle by Daddy is the steering wheel)
Autumn in the back

From the back:
us eating breakfast together

I asked Autumn today where Esther was and she said maybe Esther wasn't here yet when she drew the picture or that maybe Esther was sleeping when she drew the picture. ;)

FIVE is a big deal to Autumn and she talks to us a lot about things she remembers doing and a typical ending to her stories is - "but that was when I was four."

She just informed me that the letter is in fact a band-aid. I'm discovering that there's an art to talking to your kid about their day! Not really an art I guess but more of a consciousness from me to dig a little further when I ask about her day. I had assumed this was a must be from their "Doctor" or "Health" week.


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