Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, I slept in - sort of - I took Esther downstairs after feeding her and put her on the floor at the corner where my couches meet and then I laid down to form a triangle, aka, "safe place while Mommy snoozes".

Eric and Autumn made me pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, and my favorite orange juice (Simply Orange). AND, we all ate at the table together. I always feel strange eating breakfast in bed. It's lonely if no-one stays and awkward if they do because I'm the only one eating. So...kudos to Eric for knowing what I like.

Autumn even provided the centerpiece for the table. She made this in preschool.
She also made me a card that said on the inside, "I love you because you feed me breakfast." She was SO excited about her contributions that she almost showed them to me early. As it was, she gave me my card before breakfast (which was acceptable) but would've given it to me at 6am (which was NOT acceptable...).

At church, the Moms were given Symphony chocolate bars. So wonderful to have someone that understands my need for chocolate and my lack of green thumb. (Although truthfully, I think there's some green somewhere on that thumb...just no time or desire to develop it right now...)

We had dinner with our good friends Chris & Trishelle and their kids Chrissy & Holly. (See Eric's photo-blog for some fun pictures of that) It was an Anniversary/Mother's Day dinner. Eric and I celebrated our SEVENTH anniversary Saturday and Chris & Trishelle celebrated their eighth anniversary on Thursday.

Then I was told that my Mother's Day present was on it's way but would be a bit late. Well, today my Mother's Day gift came and let me tell you -- I have the most wonderful husband! He put this together with a little help from the girls and I have never received a Mother's Day gift like this! It's the best yet! They made a book, an honest-to-goodness, real book - hard cover and all. Shutterfly offers a service where you can use your own photos to make a photo book! Here's my Mother's Day book from my sweeties.

A Day with Mom
to Mommy
for Mother's Day

On the back:
prepared with Love
by your Husband
with advice from your little girls

Binding: A Day with Mom

A little story book about the things we love about you in our day

In the morning we wake up
Nice bed head
Good morning!

Then breakfast and cartoons

Sometimes we help with chores
like laundry
or cleaning up
or getting ready

Sundays we get ready for church

We love to read...
sometimes to each other
sometimes alone
and sometimes at the same time

We love to go on walks
sometimes in the stroller
and sometimes we run off

The playground is fun!
the backyard is fun too

We love family trips
and Holidays too

We love you Mommy!


  1. Creative Catharsis said...
    Oh, such a good Mother's Day gift....so sweet, so well-though-out. And I LOVE Autumn's centerpiece. So cute. We had Stouffer's lasagna and Caesar salad and French bread for our Mother's Day dinner.
    Crystal said...
    I didn't see this post until just now. What an excellent Mother's Day gift! Actually, it's just a great gift in general. A book! So thoughtful!

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