Sunday, May 27, 2007

Autumn had her last day of preschool Tuesday. I went to class with her on Tuesday and the teachers gave us an envelope full of pictures they'd taken throughout the year. It's been a great year for her. She is my social butterfly (where does that phrase come from?) and loved her teachers, her classmates, and preschool in general. She rode the bus to and from school most mornings and loved that too! She was very popular in her class. I know...can I really say that? I'm not really very objective being her mother...but one day I took her to class and the whole class ran to her as she came in the door. They were so happy to see her! She just smiled and took it in stride. Didn't seem to phase her at all.

Each week had a theme and during the "Animals/Farms" week, Autumn got to milk a cow! I'm so glad to have these pictures. She doesn't always remember the things that she does from day to day and this is one I didn't hear about. Looks like fun though!

This is on Pajama Day. Autumn is leading her class in "Three Little Monkeys swinging on a tree...". (I think there are more kids on the left beyond the camera....there were 10 students.)

Mixing paint. Heidi looked at this and thought it was something a lot less pleasant! ;-)

Completely impractical but totally fun beach hats.

Mexican/Latino Week -- mixing dough for tortillas, which they got to eat later.

Autumn's Birthday!

Beach Week -- Autumn's surfing.

Water Day. This was her favorite part of the day - digging in the sand to make streams. Her second favorite was probably the slip-n-slide.

Dr. Autumn at your service!


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