Saturday, May 19, 2007

Utah's Hogle Zoo

Autumn "measuring up"

Heidi measuring "down"?
These were taken just outside of the Ape House.

Today I took the girls to the Hogle Zoo (sans Eric, who was teaching voice lessons). So much fun! And I was really excited to go one more time before we move. We got to see the new "Asian Highlands" exhibit that was still being built last time we went and we also got to the see WHITE ALLIGATOR.

He's on loan from the New Orleans Zoo and his name is Antoine (I think that's hilarious...). I took several pictures of him but they didn't really turn out. This one is from an article in the Deseret News (this is a great article). There has only been one recorded finding of white alligators, in 1987. There were 18 of them and now there are only 10 left. And they're NOT albino's. It's so interesting! Albino's have no pigment at all, so their eyes are pink or red. But these white alligators have pigment in their eyes, just none in their skin. They usually have blue eyes. And they have white skin because of a genetic mutation. It was really trippy seeing a white alligator. And he didn't move at all while we were looking so it was hard to believe he was real!

Who knew there were penguins in South Africa?
I sure didn't!

"Come on in, the water's fine!"

All the penguins were huddled in a corner until one branched off to test the water. They followed to watch and then hurried back to their corner after he was done. I think it was a triple dog dare.

And here we are after FIVE hours at the zoo. Can you tell Esther's ready to go home? That was actually the first time she fussed all day. She and her sisters had a great time.


  1. Crystal said...
    Looks like a fun & busy day! I made a list of everything I want to do this summer & the zoo is a priority!

    When are you guys moving? We need to plan a time to get together before you leave!!
    Abby Hanson said...
    Yeah, it was fun! I was really glad I got one more chance to go before leaving.

    We pack up our stuff June 19th, the girls and I should be leaving the 20th, and Eric will be leaving the 22nd.

    We definitely have to get together!
    Crystal said...
    Should we plan something for June 9th or 10th?

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