Saturday, May 5, 2007

This artwork/sculpture has several "slats" that Heidi just couldn't resist running through. Because of that, this picture took 21 shots to get ONE clear shot of all three girls.

Nevermind the facial expressions --
we're just relieved we got a picture with all three of them in it!

These pictures really show the girls' personalities.

You know, I love my girls. I could handle it if all I got were girls. ;)
That being said, I'd still like to know what it's like to have a boy!

Eric took these pictures as we walked on BYU campus Sunday.
(The whole set is on his photo blog -- see my "Blog Friends" list)


  1. Creative Catharsis said...
    You certainly do have some beautiful little babies, Abby! I'm excited to see what a DeVault girl will look like. (Maybe like an old man, with hair on either side of her head and no hair on top?) :) Tell my nieces they're "gor-jee".
    tiggrrl72077 said...
    Your girls are gorgeous! Eric really does take some amazing pictures!
    I miss you guys!
    Liz said...
    It was refreshing to see these pictures for a few reasons--one, the girls are so sweet and pure, two, I love them, and three, I love seeing the BYU campus again, especially in the spring. I can tell Eric is enjoying his camera. I snuck a peak at his photoblog and thoroughly enjoyed those shots--I hadn't seen Kate's before. I looked at all your blogs and pictures and finally decided to post something here. I just soaked everything in. Your whole site. I've been here at the computer for an hour. :)
    I love you Abby! I love your whole family!

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