Tuesday, May 15, 2007

President's Dinner

Last Wednesday Eric sang at BYU's "President's Dinner". Every year, the president holds a dinner to give The President's Award as well as honor donors to BYU. This year the award went to Richard E. and Nancy Peery Marriott. Eric won the Male Singer of the Year award from BYU and her name is on the plaque -- Singer of the Year, Nancy Peery Marriott Award. She sings and donated oodles of money to BYU (and has done many other wonderful things for BYU...but for this blog's sake...that's sufficient), and the people in charge of the dinner wanted Eric or Rachel (the female singer of the year) to sing at the dinner in honor of Nancy. They're actually paying him for it! Yippee, a paid gig!

This is the invitation that came in the mail. It has that tissue paper over it that couples use quite often in wedding announcements. Very nice.

And this is the menu! Talk about "upper-crust". We rubbed shoulders with high society Wednesday night and ate like royalty. There was even a reception beforehand where they served cheeses, fruits, shrimp, and CAVIAR. Eric and I both wish we'd been gutsy enough to try the caviar, just to say we'd done it...

The Menu
Orange Blossom Salad with Citrus Honey Vinaigrette
Freshly Baked Dinner Rolls and Butter

Beef Tenderloin Medallion with Tarragon Jus Lie
Crab-stuffed Chicken Florentine
Mashed Russet Potatoes
Spring Vegetable Medley (carrots, asparagus, and mini-squash)

Water with Slice of Lemon

Creme Brulee in Chocolate Tart with Fresh Berries

This is Eric's bio from the program. I don't think it's legible...but there are some funny typos. Apparently he teaches voice lessons out of his home in American Fork and was born in Heidelberg, Germany. Well, he does teach voice lessons in American Fork, and he has lived in Heidelberg. After the dinner, a man came up to Eric and began speaking to him in German. Good thing Eric really does speak German!

Oh, and we had no idea there'd be members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles there! Elder Oaks, Elder Scott, and Elder Holland were there. And we both shook hands with Elder Holland and he commented on one of the songs Eric sang, saying that it's his favorite (Nessun Dorma from Turandot).


  1. Crystal said...
    How fun! I love fancy dinners like that...every once in awhile. I went to a few while I was working & at my bros wedding. Congrats Eric! So great.
    Creative Catharsis said...
    Abby, that is SO cool!! It just sounds awesome to have gone....my mouth was watering while reading the menu. It sounds amazing....I'm actually really craving freshly baked dinner rolls now. :) Thanks for that! hahhahah....tell Eric congrats--that's a huge deal.

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